Airtame 2


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Product Features

Stable connectivity

4x the memory of the first generation Airtame (with 2GB RAM) for quicker firmware updates, and driving more complex websites, dashboards and content.

Improved wireless reach – no interruptions

The state of the art WiFi chip offers 2x more bandwidth for the best connection in the industry. An even more stable wireless connection that allows you to move around a room more freely while you present.

Screens that dazzle

Full motion and audio capabilities, with 60 frames per second in Full HD for a smooth video experience when mirroring your device.

Intuitive LED

The glowing light indicates the current behavior of your Airtame 2, for ease of use and refined presence in the room.


Main Features

  • The Kensington Lock slot allows you to physically secure your Airtame 2.
  • A more powerful CPU to operate the Airtame 2.
  • The new design and form factor makes Airtame 2 a stunning addition to your workspace or school.


What’s Included

・Airtame 2 Device

・Aircode – All-in-one HDMI, USB, and USB-C cable

・Power supply

・Magnetic Mount


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