Awair Element Quality Monitor

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Product Features

Live Healthy & Breathe Easy

Track temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and PM2.5 levels in your space, receive recommendations, and transform your home into a clean air oasis.

Customize Feedback

Whether it’s getting better sleep, reducing allergy symptoms, or simply protecting your health, you can customize your Awair Interests to match your goals.

Gain Insight & Guidance

Navigate to the Trend tab in the app to track changes in your air quality, and receive feedback based on current and historical air quality readings.

Monitor More of Your Space

View sensor readings from multiple Awair devices in one smartphone app to uncover how your air quality varies between rooms and locate pollution sources.

Smart Home Integrations

Take advantage of Awair’s smart home integrations to help manage and maintain a healthy indoor environment by visiting the Awair+ tab in the app.


Main Features

  • Know your air
  • Gain Actionable insight
  • Transform your environment
  • Smart Home Integrations<
  • Centralized Control


What’s Included

・Awair Element Air Quality Monitor

・A/C adapter


Awair Element Quality Monitor (Click to view more details)



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