Dash Smart Shelf | Auto-replenishment scale for home and business

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Product Features

Meet Amazon Dash Smart Shelf

Our auto-replenishment scale senses the weight of everyday items and places a reorder or notifies you when you’re running low.

Never run out

Dash Smart Shelf makes it easy to stay stocked on your favorite pantry staples, office supplies, pet products, and more.

Save money

Save up to 25% on your first reorder from select partners. You can also get Subscribe & Save discounts on a variety of products.

You’re in control

Customize your preferences in the Amazon Shopping app at any time. If you don’t want automatic reorders, you can get notified when you’re running low instead.

No outlet needed

The included batteries last 2+ years. If you prefer wall power, you can add an adapter and a power cable (sold separately).

Find the right size

Dash Smart Shelf comes in Small (7″ x 7″), Medium (12″ x 10″), and Large (18″ x 13″).

We want you to know

  • Indoor use only. The recommended temperature range for maximum accuracy and battery life is 40-80°F (4-27°C). Devices will operate between 32-104°F (0-40°C).
  • Each device can only be paired with one product at a time. Some lighter weight products may require reorders in multiple quantities.
  • 2.4 GHz wifi connection required.
  • No recurring fees.


Main Features

  • auto-replenishment scale keeps track of your family’s everyday items, so you have one less thing to think about.
  • Choose from an ever-growing list of products from the brands you know and love—including snack bars, baby wipes, pet food, water bottles, toilet paper, and more.
  • Dash Smart Shelf makes it easy to stay stocked on the items that keep every day running smoothly.
  • The Amazon Shopping app makes it easy to check your inventory, change your reorder quantity and threshold, or choose a new product.
  • Setup is quick and easy. The included batteries last 2+ years.


What’s Included

・Dash Smart Shelf

・pre-installed AmazonBasics AAA batteries

・Quick Start Guide


Dash Smart Shelf (Click to view more details)

Size Small: 7” x 7” x 1” (178 mm x 178 mm x 25 mm)
Medium: 12” x 10” x 1” (305 mm x 254 mm x 25 mm)
Large: 18” x 13” x 1” (457 mm x 330 mm x 25 mm)
Device Weight Small: 0.8 lbs (378 g) – without batteries
Medium: 1.8 lbs (814 g) – without batteries
Large: 5.5 lbs (2,488 g) – without batteries

Actual size and weight may vary by manufacturing process
Supported Product Weights Small: up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Medium: up to 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Large: up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
Network Connectivity 2.4 GHz only, 802.11 b/g/n. Does not support 5GHz networks or connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
Use Indoor use only. The recommend temperature range for maximum accuracy and battery life is 40-80⁰F (4-27⁰C). Devices will operate between 32-104⁰F (0-40⁰C).
Cleaning Devices can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Do not submerge Dash Smart Shelf.
Amazon Mobile Shopping App The Amazon mobile shopping app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.
Battery life The included 4 AmazonBasics AAA batteries should last for 2+ years under recommended operating conditions (indoors, between 40-80⁰F). Actual battery life will vary depending on operating environment, and usage.


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