Infento ePulse Add-on (Electric Motor)

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Product Features

What is ePulse Add-on (Electric Motor)?

Take your creativity further and faster than you ever did before. Use our brand new ePulse® System to power up rides that would otherwise be powered by a belt and pedals. Step 1: remove the pedals. Step 2: add the motor. Step 3: have fun! Compatible with Genius, Master Kits.

Ages: 4-14

Safe & Easy to use/switch

Open the throttle by twisting the handlebar, just like you do on a motorcycle. Reverse by pressing the button on the handlebar. The added protective belt shield will make sure you have a safe trip.

Long-Lasting & Fast Charge

It provides you with 60 minutes of continuous run time for your adventures. After only 2 hours of charging you’ll be ready for your next adventure!


Main Features

  • The motor comes with a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that is modular
  • Motor can be placed in various positions
  • Switch the key to choose 3 mph (5 km/h) or 7 mph (11 km/u).


What’s Included

・4 Parts in box

・1 ePulse® motor

・1 ePulse® battery

・1 ePulse® throttle

・1 ePulse® Charger


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