Infento LED Add-On

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Product Features

What is LED Add-on?

Infento LED is a smart digital LED strip. Each can individually emit every possible color.

Ages: 4+

Length: 30 cm

Time to build:90 min

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

You are in Control

Choose the effect you like

Control by Remote

It comes with a remote to choose effect, color, brightness and speed

Easy to Build

Attachment to a ride is a piece of cake

Time to build:5 min

Long Lasting

The Lithium-Ion power pack makes sure you have a big amount of energy at your disposal.

Out of juice?

Just recharge the fun with the supplied USB cable.


What’s Included

・5 Parts in box

・1 LED Remote control

・1 Powerbank recharger

・1 Infento Powerbank

・1 Infento 30cm LED strip

・1 Brake cable clip


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