Infento Legend Kit (Ages: 0-14) with EPULSE Electric Motor Included

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Product Features

Infento offers modular construction Kits to build life-size rides together with your kids. The Kit empowers your family to be real makers. You create something tangible together and spend quality time: building while bonding. At the same time, you give your child an important skill set for the future.

What is Infento Legend Kit?

You say you want it ALL? We can arrange that. The Legend Kit offers an opportunity to build any of the 32 rides from the Master Kit, plus it includes the ePulse® System electric rides. Many hours of quality time with your kids guaranteed. This can be easily identified as our flagship Kit. For the real makers among us.

Your Kit is ePulse ready, are you…?

Discover the power of electricity! With our ePulse system you can now turn your Ride into an electric one!

GO-KART (Age: 4-12)

Be as swift as an arrow with the coolest go-kart of the planet! Hop on and show your riding skills while maintaining comfort and safety. The Arrow will always let you ride out in style. There’s nothing wrong with a little showing off, right?


Length: 98-160 cm/ 51-63 in

Time to build: 6.5 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

BUSTER (Ages: 4-14)

The driver sits high and dry, overlooking the streets. The dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System and the high-quality disk brake allow you to cruise around at your own pace. Got stuck? Just hit the reverse button but be sure to look behind you. We hope you’ll love its off-road look as much as we do!


Length: 105-122 cm / 41-48 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

QUAD (Age: 6-10)

This ATV-like ride is here to awake the young adventurer in you. The powerful dual-speed electric motor of the ePulse® System makes it easy to go through puddles and over road bumps with ease. If your expedition brings you to a dead end, there’s always that reverse button next to your throttle. Ready for the adventure? Jump on the Quad!


Length: 110-160 cm / 43-63 in

Time to build: 7 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

QUAD BENDER (Ages: 5-12)

This one’s a crowd’s favorite! Bend to the left, bend to the right and… the Bender follows your lead! This unexpected steering system makes you will feel like a professional MotoGP motorcyclist while allowing for stability that the two front wheels provide. Considering how fun it is, you will be grateful it only takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery of the ePulse® System. Lean in and start racing!

Ages: 5-12

Length: 120-140 cm / 47-55 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight: 70 kg / 154 lbs

MINIBIKE (Ages: 6-14)

Electric fun on two wheels. A real minibike for the biker-minded girls and boys among us. The brushless DC motor of the ePulse® System makes for a great companion. Reliable, efficient and longer lasting. Excited? It’s time to zoom away full throttle!


Length: 120-160 cm/ 47-63 in<

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

HOT ROD (Ages: 8-14)

Meet our tribute to an iconic vehicle: The Hot Rod. This ePulse® System lowrider beauty will definitely turn some heads as you whizz by. And it’s not just the looks! With 20nm of torque at your fingertips, you’ll zoom away at a staggering 7 mph (11 km/h). Ready to claim your title as the king or queen of the road?

Ages: 8-14

Length: 130-160 cm / 51-63 in

Time to build: 8 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs


Main Features

  • One kit brings a whole childhood-long fun
  • Gives children a technical skillset for the future
  • Enjoy real quality time while working on a shared goal
  • Modular parts allow endless possibilities
  • Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers
  • A truly durable and sustainable concept<


What’s Included

・944 Parts in one box


Infento Legend Kit (Ages: 0-14) with EPULSE Electric Motor Included (Click to view more details)


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