Infento Master Kit (Ages: 0-14) with EPULSE System

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Product Features

What is Infento Master Kit?

Introducing the all-new Master Kit. Your child will be able to choose from 33 rides! Not only can you build loads of new creations but also some true and tested Infento classics like the Arrow and Bulldog go-karts. An entire childhood-long fun, building and riding. 0 to 14 years. From toddler to teenager, with just a single Kit.

Infento offers modular construction Kits to build life-size rides together with your kids. The Kit empowers your family to be real makers. You create something tangible together and spend quality time: building while bonding. At the same time, you give your child an important skill set for the future.


Parents and kids can build a wide variety of rides together. The best news? When your child has grown out of the Go Kit rides, you can always expand your Kit to the next level! Infento offers Upgrade Kits to make sure your children can enjoy the Kit their entire childhood. Smart and durable.


Building with Infento stimulates the young brain to develop important 21st-century skills and abilities. The famous four C’s: Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

Your Kit is ePulse ready, are you…?

Discover the power of electricity! With our ePulse system you can now turn your Ride into an electric one!

ARROW G2 (Age: 4-7)

Be as swift as an arrow with the coolest go-kart of the planet! Hop on and show your riding skills while maintaining comfort and safety. The Arrow will always let you ride out in style. There’s nothing wrong with a little showing off, right?


Length: 105-122 cm / 41-48 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

BULLDOG (Ages: 4-9)

Do not worry, this Bulldog won’t bite. Instead it will transport you anywhere in style. Climb on the Bulldog and enjoy the same feeling as riding a luxury SUV. This robust ride lets you be in full control of the road.


Length:110-138 cm / 43-54 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

B-TRIKE (Age: 6-10)

Take the B out of B-Trike and let your kids be the Boss with this awesome new ride. It comes with a handbrake and a safe rubber tooth belt to ensure maximum safety. This ride is definitely an eye-catcher.


Length: 120-140 cm / 47-55 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:50 kg / 110 lbs

SWING (Ages: 8-10)

Lean back and drive around with class. This recumbent tricycle looks awesome and will really spark your creativity. The riding position and steering are truly something different…. in a very positive way! You can be certain that this ride really swings!


Length: 130-160 cm / 51-63 in

Time to build: 6 hours

Max weight:70 kg / 154 lbs

+ 29 GENIUS KIT RIDES (Total 33 rides)


Main Features

  • One kit brings a whole childhood-long fun
  • Gives children a technical skillset for the future
  • Enjoy real quality time while working on a shared goal
  • Modular parts allow endless possibilities
  • Empowers your family to be makers instead of consumers
  • A truly durable and sustainable concept


What’s Included

・812 Parts in one box


Infento Master Kit (Ages: 0-14) with EPULSE System (Click to view more details)


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