Miko 3 – Personal AI Robot for Kids

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Product Features

Miko’s one to talk 

Hola , hello ! Yes, Miko speak 8 languages. With Mike 3 ‘s multilinguistic abelites, you can converse in your preferred language or even explore a new one.

More yours everyday 

Miko is designed to adapt to its environment, learning what you’re all about and create a unique bond that deepens over time.

Genuine friendship 

Miko is not just recognizing you and calling you by name, but responding to your mood and getting to know you a little better each day.

Game for anything

Miko’s constantly exploring for fun, prompting you to play, and encouraging you to challenge your brain

Study buddy

Miko makes learning fun and easy with its super-powered brain and supportive personality.

You’re in charge 

Complete control through an easy-to-use app–from settings and security to tracking kids’ progress through various activities and learning objectives.

Always on a roll 

With a wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors to map distance and edges, Miko knows how to move.


Main Features

  • Deep learning AI enables Miko 3 to understand and respond to a kid’s world, instilling feelings of companionship and social connection to help build confidence.
  • It comes with dozens of emotions. It’s curious, expressive, and surprisingly empathetic. Designed with a more expansive touchscreen, creating a healthy alternative to playtime on phones and tablets.
  • Equipped with an emotional intelligence machine, Miko 3 identifies, recollects, and remembers the child’s moods, growing with every interaction. Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors to map distance and edges and move.
  • Unlimited access to telepresence to stay in touch with your child anytime, anywhere through video calling. You may download & use the Miko Parent App that captures and tracks their kids’ time usage and understand how they benefit from Miko.
  • A trustable little robot, with data encryption and strict privacy norms, the child’s data remains secure. With profanity filters, age-appropriate content, and culturally neutral suggestions, it is 100% child-safe.


Martian Red, Pixie Blue


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