Omron Body Scan & Body Composition Meter KRD-703T

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Product Features

It is a type of body composition analyzer that measures with both hands and feet. By passing a weak electric current from both hands and feet to the whole body, you can understand the body composition of each part such as the trunk, both arms, and both feet. Equipped with Bluetooth communication function. You can transfer the measurement data to the iPhone / Android dedicated application “OMRON connect” and easily check and manage the measurement data such as weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle.

Finely measurements of muscle and fat conditions by part

Weight body composition meter measuring with both hands and feet. Measure subcutaneous fat and skeletal muscle rate by part of the body, core, arms, and feet. This makes training and dieting more efficient with determining the parts of the body. More detailed control for body construction than ever before.

From data management to goal setting to assistance, you can easily manage your body building through the app.

By connecting the weight body composition meter with the smartphone app “OMRON Connect”, you can check data transferred by graphs and numbers anytime, anywhere. From setting goals to day-to-day use, you can easily manage your body production.

Automatic recognition for you just by riding. Start measuring immediately.

Equipped with an automatic recognition function to estimate who is on the body composition meter from previous body composition data. Even if you use it by your family, you don’t have to switch the button for each measuring person, so you can quickly start measuring just by riding. Automatic recognition function cannot be used when measuring only the weight.

Manage your daily health data with your smartphone.

Automatic transfer of daily measurement results to app.You can always check the latest health data at hand.The past health data is also displayed in a graph, so you can quickly notice changes in your body and help you maintain your health.

Experience results with measurements by part measurements.

Use the measurements by part to check the fat rate and skeletal muscle rate where you need it.Supports efficient training in areas of concern. You can also check the comparison of previous data with the app, so you can see the results of your workout.


What’s Included

・Omron Body Scan & Body Composition Meter KRD-703T


Omron Body Scan & Body Composition Meter KRD-703T


Model Number KRD-703T
Package Dimensions 37 x 35 x 7.4 cm
Color Sliver
Battery Type Alkaline
Package Weight 2.76 Kilograms
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries Included Yes
Item Weight 2.2 Kilograms


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