Pioneer UHD Blu-ray Portable Drive BDR-XD07J-UHD BDXL/BD/DVD/CD

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Product Features

Supports 4K content “Ultra HD Blu-ray” playback
It is compatible with “Ultra HD Blu-ray” standard with 4K resolution (horizontal 3840 × vertical 2160 pixels) higher than full high vision with rich color tone and enjoying realistic images with PC.

What is Ultra HD Blu-ray?

You can enjoy the world of Ultra HD Blu-ray.
For the playback environment on Ultra HD Blu-ray PC, please see the specification page of this model.

CyberLink PowerDVD 14

Corresponds to the new standard USB “Type-C”
It corresponds to the new standard USB “Type-C”. It comes with a USB Type-A cable and a USB Type-C conversion cable, so you can connect to a wide range of USB terminal equipped terminals. USB Type-C: It is a connector standard adopted for Mac, the latest mobile Windows PC, Android terminal, etc. High-speed transfer equivalent to USB 3.0 is possible.

Corresponds to the new standard USB "Type-C"

With Android application you can import music CD in PC without PC
By downloading (free) the newly developed Android application “Wireless Hi-Res player ~ Stellanova ~” with the Android terminal, you can download music CD directly to Android terminal with PC less.Music information and jacket images are automatically acquired from “Gracenote MusicID ® ” with high reliability via the Internet.

It does not guarantee the operation on all Android terminals.

With Android application you can import music CD in PC without PC

Ideal for importing music CDs.
“PureRead 3 + (original sound reproduction)” with further improved data reading accuracy is installed

PureRead 3 +

When reproducing CD audio, if a read error that can not be corrected even by CD specific error correction system (CIRC) due to scratches or fingerprints on the disc occurs, the disk status is automatically judged, the reading method is adjusted, “PureRead” which reduces the occurrence of error data interpolation.BDR – XD07J – UHD has the latest technology “PureRead 3+” which further advanced this “PureRead”.If “PureRead 3+” can not be read even by rereading the data, the new algorithm starts and reads again. Reading accuracy of correct data is improved than before. Combined with the improvement of CD reading performance by mounting BDXL compatible pickup, highly accurate CD reading is enabled.

PureRead 3 +

Compatible with high-capacity disk BDXL and M-Disc capable of long-term storage of data
The BDXL standard is 100 GB for 3-layer BD-R, 128 GB for 4-layer BD-R, and 100 GB for 3 layer BD-RE. BDR-XD07J-UHD is compatible with all of it. At recording speed, 4 times speed recording is realized with three-layer BD-R.


What’s Included

・UHD Blu-ray Drive

・Application Disc

・Instruction manual

・USB power supply compatible cable (35 cm)

・USB Type-C conversion cable (Type A ⇒ Type C) (10 cm)


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