MYNT3D Super 3D Pen
MYNT3D Super 3D Pen
Draw, design, build, repair and more with the MYNT3D Super 3D Pen. Check out our projects and tutorials guide online to get your imagination flowing! Based on the Pro 3D Pen The Super 3D Pen uses the same gearbox and...
MYNT3D Junior2 3D Pen for Kids
Introducing the MYNT3D Junior, finally a safe low temperature 3D pen suitable for younger kids. Watch their imagine come alive in the form of biodegradable PCL plastic. Can be used with any 1.75mm PCL, however it is strongly recommended to...
MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display
Our most advanced professional level 3D pen. Features OLED display and discrete temperature adjustment controls. Updated nozzle design is ultrasonically sealed for clog-proof long life functionality. Elevate your imagination Hold the magic of 3D printing in your hand with the...
$859.00 $799.00
NVIDIA Shield TV - Android TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player
  無限娛樂 獲得任何流媒體播放器中最多的 4K 內容。 以清晰的 4K HDR 觀看 Netflix、Prime Video、Disney + 和 Vudu,以 4K 觀看 YouTube、Hulu Live、Google Play 影視等。 使用內置 Chromecast 4K 從您的手機流式傳輸。 添加一個遊戲控制器(單獨出售)並使用 Fortnite 玩當今最流行的遊戲 效率升級,真快! SHIELD TV 由 NVIDIA Tegra X1+ 處理器提供支持,是一款功能強大的 Android TV 流媒體播放器。 不再需要電源線 YouTube...
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro - Android TV Pro 4K HDR Streaming Media Player
4K resolution with High Dynamic range Watch Netflix, Prime Video, and Vudu in crisp 4K HDR, and YouTube, Hulu Live, Google Play Movies & TV, and more in 4K. You can listen to your favorites music services, any time. Even...
$2,399.00 $2,099.00
Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 (2nd Gen, 2023) – Hand Tracking Accessory for PC, Mac, AR/VR Headsets & VTubers
Interact with just your hands! The Leap Motion Controller 2 is the ideal hardware to experience Ultraleap's world class hand tracking - it enables you to use your own hands to interact with digital worlds. Let hand tracking bring 3D...
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